Hello! I'm Randy!



Like most everyone, I grew up in a less than stellar environment.

Intermittent Stepfathers, a single parent working, partying, dating, and attending school, leaving me with little adult supervision.

Many of the neighborhoods, subsidized apartments and trailer parks where we lived are in ”the ‘hood”  

Living in a poor area, with other poor people, I learned how to be poor. I struggled to learn otherwise.

As a military brat, I didn’t learn how to put down roots. I chose to learn otherwise.

Always renting, I feared owning and learned to be skeptical of the wealthy. I had to learn otherwise.

Now, my life's work is to enactsignificant positive change in my life and to be a catalyst for significant positive change in the lives of others ... both now and beyond my lifetime.

I was blessed to live and graduate from High School in Okinawa, Japan. There I learned not just the school lessons, but a lot about history and the perpetual struggle between peoples. (The Okinawans and Japanese struggle to get along.)  

Best of all, in Okinawa, Japan I met Christ. The date was April 14, 1974. That one event has brought about the most significant change in my life.

Married to an awesome woman, with 4 kids and 8 grands. I’ve taught in several colleges over the decades with several books attributed to me.

My degree has afforded me opportunity to teach in Bible Colleges and Private Colleges. Currently an adjunct at Champions School of Real Estate.

In addition to the Bible, I love to read actual books, mostly military history, and business. I love to hang out with my wife, Mari. Especially when we hit the road in my Jeep.

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